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To make traditional, innovative, and locally sourced  flavours, as sustainably as possible.

Our journey began in Bologna, Italy, studying the traditional methods of gelato production. The goal, to create a world class gelato right here on Vancouver Island. The result is a mixture of traditional and innovative flavours, made fresh daily, drawing inspiration from Italy and the West-Coast. 

One important tradition is our commitment to as many local producers and artisans as we can.  We work hard to network and source what is growing, roasting, and brewing in our own community, to become a part of Vancouver Island's and BC's flourishing food culture.  Having this connection also allows us to nourish our bodies with the provisions of our local environment and enrich our understanding of where our food comes from.

 We are also committed to taking care of our planet. Many of our products are organic, Fair Trade, Equal Exchange, and/or sustainable.  And we use compostable gelato cups, spoons, coffee cups, sleeves, and lids!


& artisans

Our gelato is made from Vancouver Island milk & cream and plenty of locally grown fruits, herbs, nuts, and locally crafted artisan products. Below is a list of some of these incredible suppliers.

Ladybug's Mew At Yellowpoint

Yellow Point Farm

Fredrich's Honey

Vancouver Island Salt Co

Dudink's Gardens

Mindi's Farms

McNab's Farms

Yellow Point Cranberry Farm

Springford Farms


Shamrock Farm

Island Nut Roastery 

Wild Poppy Market

Bergen Farms

Peaks Coffee

Westholme Tea Farm

Old Town Bakery


It's what's on the inside that counts

Our kitchen is surrounded by windows so you can see for yourself, our dedication to bringing you fresh and/or local ingredients.  Take a peak inside to see us peeling, cutting, blending, and mixing whole food ingredients into our gelato. See us cracking our farm fresh, free-range eggs and smell the sizzle of our fresh, hot cones. 

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